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Publié le 04.04.2024

Call out for participation - "History Days"

Historical heritage
Le chateau vu du ciel Arnaud Poirier - Arpanum
In 2025, Caen will be celebrating its Millennium. In order to mark this event, the History Days, that run from the 21st to the 28th of March 2025 will stage a major event based around the high points in the history of Caen and its urban community, from the Middle Ages to the present day.

The History Days will be a time of festive and artistic transmission, highlighting the city’s contemporary challengers.  

In parallel with the programme established by the History Days scientific committee, a call out to participate is inviting research institutes, laboratories, reviews etc. to propose actions linked to the themes chosen and in line with the stipulations laid out below.  

The actions should promote and highlight current research and investigative questioning, and be accessible the broadest possible audience.  


Theme 1 - Caen, intra-European cultural and economic exchange  

  • Sub-theme : Harbour /maritime aspects  
  • Sub-theme : Builders, architecture, construction and town planning  

Theme 2 - Caen, intellectual city  

  • Sub-theme : Printers, trade-fair, books, intellectual society  
  • Sub-theme : Scientists - medicine – art/science  

Theme 3 – Caen, the societies of Caen  

  • Sub-theme : Narrating Caen’s history  
  • Sub-theme : Portraits of People of Caen and the perceptions of others  

Theme 4 - Caen, its environment  

  • Sub-theme : Water in the city  
  • Sub-theme : Horses/sustainable development/revegetation/animal world/ prairie… 

We are actively seeking professionals to host, moderate and enliven conferences, round tables, debates etc.  



Based on recent or current research, published in a scientific journal (peer-reviewed journals, publications, theses etc.), or for which a scientific publication is under way.  

A bibliography (some five titles) should accompany the proposal text.  

Duration: 30 minutes + 10-15 minutes of questions, chaired by the History Days organisational team.  



Panels will gather 2 to 3 people (exceptionally 4) around a facilitator. They will exchange their analyses and points of view on a particular issue. Gender parity is strongly recommended.  

Duration: 1h30, chaired by the initiator of the project.  



Other interventions may be envisaged: strolling conferences (on foot, by bicycle etc.), drawn conferences, gesticulated conferences, short exposés with educational intent, workshops, discussions, pedagogical sequences, screening-debates etc.

 General public/professional audiences/schoolchildren  


To apply, please send in your application using this form: : Appel à participation - Journées de l'Histoire ( 

A presentation of the establishment or the person initiating/managing the project (complete titles and contact details: postal address, electronic address, telephone number) in 5 to 10 lines 

A description of the project: 

  • The category (conference, panel, other form); 
  • A provisional title; 
  • The names of the prospective speakers, with their titles/functions;  
  • A résumé of the proposed intervention, totalling around 2000 characters including a description of the general issue and at least 5 main bibliographic references.   

The correspondence will be mainly in French.  

The History Days provide a room and projection facilities are available. And costs will be re-imbursed and accomodate provided of the participating contributors.  



Deadline for registering participations : Friday 6th of September 2024. 

The proposals retained and the programme will be announced mid-October 2024. 

The selections will be made by the History Days organising team and its committee of experts.   


Any requests for information should be addressed to Noëmie Boudet: